In this artistic video titled Dreams, photographer Lobke Leijser beautifully captures the movement and dynamics of dancers Monique Duurvoort, Dionne Pool and Robin van Zutphen. The stunning dance routine at the heart of the video was especially created for Renaissance website by dancer Monique Duurvoort. The video is accompanied by a powerful poem written by Padminie Gajadhar, along with music composed by Thomas van der Burg, which adds another layer of depth. Styling is presented in a new way and Lisa Anne Stuyfzand elegantly chose items that work so naturally with the movement of the dancers. We hope you find the viewing experience as moving as we did. As always, all dancers are 40 and over. Full credits are below.

CreditsPhotography: Lobke Leijser , Stylist: Lisa Anne Stuyfzand, Movement direction: Monique Duurvoort, Dancers/models:  Monique Duurvoort, Dionne Pool and Robin van ZutphenPoetry: Padminie Gajadhar,  MakeupAnita Jolles  Hair: Floor Kleyne, Music: Thomas van der Burg, Vocals: Milou Kik Assistant: Lisa Licht