Makeup for grown ups

Photography: Amanda De Simone        Makeup: Isabella Schimid        Model: Kate Tognolini

One of the first places to show
the passage of time, is the
face. Accepting the fine lines,
wrinkles, discolouration and skin
pigmentation is not always easy.
These changes are part of the ageing process and are caused by a number of reasons: the fat in our face
loses volume, years of sun exposure and changes in oestrogen levels, among others. Keeping your skin hydrated by using moisturizing creams and serums every day is a great way to retain your skin’s natural glow and will also improve the way the makeup “sits” on your face. Make sure that the products you use include SPF to protect against damaging UV rays. You can also use exfoliant creams now and then to remove dead skin cells and buff up your skin tone; as you become older, your skin loses its elasticity and it is important to use age-appropriate products, designed to suit a dry or more mature skin. There is such a wide range of products on the
market that one can easily feel overwhelmed. You may want to do some research both online and discuss among your friends, and once you come up with two
to three options, ask for samples and test the products before you buy. Everybody’s skin responds differently,
so testing the product is really helpful to see if it suits you and that you enjoy using it, especially as skin care products can be quite costly.

Wearing makeup can balance your skin colour and add some sparkle to your look. Choosing the colour and texture of your foundation is important. Broken capillaries may
appear in mature skin and yellow or golden undertones in your foundation can help to balance redness. Foundation comes in varying levels of coverage – the trick is to find the right one for you, that gives coverage but does not look caked on. Take someone with you when you shop for foundation to help you pick one that works well with your skin tone and type. Light cover would look more natural and thick foundation covers more blemishes, but note that it can make wrinkles and lines stand out more. Your eyebrows play an important role in defining your whole face. With age, eyebrows can become sparse
or thin, and the hair can become coarse or grey. You can reshape and ill brows by defining with an eyebrow
pencil or powder – choose a shade lighter than your hair colour. he idea is to create a natural look and follow the shape of your brow line with some colour. If any of the hair of your eyebrows becomes long carefully trim using round end scissors (just be careful of your eyes). If your
brows are mostly grey, dyeing them is a good option, and is best undertaken by a professional beautician. With time, our lips can become more pale in colour than in our youth, which results in a less precise lip shape. Use a lip liner for instant lip definition. Pick a shade the
same colour or just a half shade darker than your lipstick or natural lip colour, to avoid creating too much of a line.


Makeup artist, Isabella Schimid created this fresh summer look. She guides us step by step through creating this look and has
included some tips and tricks for applying makeup for older women.
01. Cleanse your skin.
02. Massage oil/moisturiser into the skin.
03. Use the JADE ROLLER all over to massage and plump up the skin. his will help to bring the blood to the surface and bring life into the skin.
04. Powder lightly under eye area and chin and sides of the nose
05. On the eyes: BECCA eye tint in soft brown all over the eyelid and on the lower lash line. Blend gently up to socket line so that there is no edge to the shadow.
06. NUDESTIX magnetic eye colour in Lilith pressed into the inner corner of the eye.
07. LE SOURCIL clear brow gel brushes through the brows.

08. Curl lashes using TARTE lash curler.
09. Apply light layer of mascara to top and bottom lashes using L’OREAL telescopic mascara in Noir.
10. On cheeks: BENEFIT Posie cheek tint on apples of cheeks and blended up softly towards temples.
11. On lips: ZOEVA pure lacquer lips in Crushed Bloom. Use your ingertip to press into the lips to create a stained look.
12. Lip shine: Dermalogica renewal lip complex Age Smart lip treatment.

Tips & Tricks

When applying mascara, work right into the lash line to help give a lift to the eyes. A mascara brush with a comb is easier to use and helps you get right into the lash line. It’s important to curl the lashes to help give them a lift because, as we age, we lose lashes. Tinting your lashes can also help make them look fuller and richer – ask your hair or beauty salon for help.
When applying eye makeup keep the colours neutral and without shimmer. Shimmer shadows sit into the creases of the eyes and can make you look older. Cream or tints are the best for blending and also give a good, natural
long-lasting finish. A concealer is your best friend. But it’s important to
use a creamy, fine one so that it conceals the imperfections, rather than just sitting on top of the skin. Avoid using dark colour lipstick as it will make your
lips look smaller and less highlighted. It is best to choose a mauve or pink tone colour and add on top a layer of gloss which gives a nice finish.

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Photography: Amanda De Simone, Makeup: Isabella Schimid, Model: Kate Tognolini