There are many wonderful fashion magazines out there – full with beautiful clothes and models ranging 16 – 25. We feel that while women in their midlife are a dominant market with strong buying power and appreciation for quality – most brands and magazines choose to ignore them.

This is where we make the difference! We proudly work ONLY with models aged 40 and over. Showing the beauty and style of age and changing perceptions with stunning, edgy and fashionable imagery.

Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director

Mikella Lowe

Deputy Editor

Jo Pinnegar

Graphic Designer_Print

Edvinas Bruzas

Copy Editor

Charlie Rogers

Editorial Assistant

June Lee

content manager

Ruth Gon

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About Renaissance

Renaissance is a bi-annual fashion magazine and a digital hub for established & stylish women.

The print magazine was launched in February 2017,  offering a refreshing point of view on beauty, high-end style and age. Published twice a year, each issue of Renaissance includes specially commissioned, edgy and beautiful fashion editorials from across the world, all starring only models 40 & over.


Our mission

We celebrate the revival of mid-life with edgy,
inspiring and stylish content.We only work with models 40 and over and aim to be a retouch-free magazine. We profile extraordinary people who will influence our readers, and include essays and photo-journals that cover different topics including body, relationships, work, travel and life discoveries. Our fashion productions show the beauty of age and celebrate timeless style.

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