The perfect palette for winter wonders

Photography: Amanda De Simone       Model: Roje Augustin           Hair & makeup: Katie Angus Written by Katie Angus

Embrace the change of pace and
change of season as we wave
goodbye to a seemingly endless
summer and prepare for cooler
months, taking comfort that at least
your makeup bag will thank you for
the opportunity of more frequent
use once again! Humidity, sunscreen
and the rush of summer can mean
less time for our beauty routines,
so seek solace in a slower pace and
autumn tones.
As a makeup artist, I find the
cooler months draw me towards a
palette of deep reds and berry hues.
A more daring lip shade may not be
for everyone, but a winter climate
provides the perfect backdrop to
give new colour a try.
There is a broad array of of red
and berry tones adorning makeup
counters, and whilst you mull over
which one to pick, remember to
consider the colour of your skin,
and also the undertone. If this
sounds a bit confusing, here are
some basic rules of thumb to guide
you as you choose.

Hints of blue, pink or red within
the skin (usually fair skin types).
Aim for blue undertones to your red
or berry shades.

Hints of peachy, yellow or
golden tones (usually darker and
more yellow skin types). Aim for
orange or yellow undertones to
your red. Particularly for those with
darker skin types, the vibrant tones
of an orange-based red will really
shine through!

A mixture of both cool and
warm tones (generally applicable if
you don’t feel akin to either cool
or warm descriptions!). You’re
lucky enough to get to experiment
between the two as far as undertones
go, and I would recommend berry
stains for fairer skin types and bold
reds for darker.
When it comes to the best
way to apply makeup – prep is
everything! Try to use a lip scrub in
your routine to buff away dead skin
cells, and couple this with lip balms
or relief creams with an element
of peppermint oil for natural
plumping and smoothing. As we
age our lips lose collagen and the
fine lines around our mouth appear
more pronounced. To combat this,
smooth on a silicon-based lip primer
before your lipstick.
Also be mindful of the condition
of your lips when choosing your
lipstick – an all-revealing matte
finish won’t suit everyone. If you feel
that matte is no longer flattering,
then look for a creme sheen finish,
or try incorporating a gloss in the
centre part of the lip alongside your
matte shade.

A lip liner does a clean job of
outlining the shape of your lips
whilst containing the area of lipstick
throughout the day. I like to apply
lip liner across the whole of the lip
following the primer, as a base to
give added staying power before the
last layer of lipstick.
If lips aren’t your favorite feature
and you prefer to accentuate your
eyes within your makeup, a rich
nude or tinted balm will be a better
option for your lips.
Winter’s darker nights bring
with them the opportunity of a
more dramatic look for your eyes.
Bright daylight and heavy makeup
don’t compliment each other at the
best of times but particularly so as
the skin starts to age. ‘Less’ is definitely ‘more’ on a summer’s evening, but for winter, go for gold!

To achieve the look I have created
here for the beautiful Roje, I would
recommend using cream-based
shadows, as powders will accentuate
the appearance of fine lines or any
crepeing of the skin, as it tends to
settle in any creases. Cream bases are easy to apply, are great for longevity and suit all skin types. If you are up for trying a metallic look, like the one featured, aim for bronze or gold reflective creams, but avoid anything with sparkle… think shimmer not glitter for a flattering finish. For
those who prefer a deeper or matte
tone for the eye, rich plums and
navys are great options for a winter
variation on a classic smokey socket.
Finishing your look off with lashes
will open the eye and make you feel
incredible every time.

Single lashes, like the ones I
have applied here, are a great option
for a natural finish without
going through the expense and
potentially damaging process of
eyelash extensions. Apply them
with tweezers to the gaps between
your natural lashes. Perhaps allow
time to practice as this can require
a little bit of patience and coordination.
If you don’t fancy your
hand at individual lashes, I’d advise
using strip lashes – much easier!
Both types of lash can be found
in major chemists or supermarket
Making the most of your natural
beauty by choosing the right colours
for your skin and for the season is
the key to your perfect makeup
look. Be inquisitive and bold with
your colour choices in winter, and
always bear in mind the wonderful
fact that it’s only makeup and you
can always wash it off!

This editorial was part of our 5th printed issue. You can get your copy here.

Photography: Amanda De Simone
Model: Roje Augustin
Hair & makeup: Katie Angus
Text: Katie Angus